How To Cook Asparagus

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How To Cook Asparagus – It’s asparagus season and I can’t get enough. Grilling asparagus brings out the best. The tops get a little crispy in the oven, which I like, and the flavor is more concentrated than when you bake or grill them.

Roasted asparagus is the perfect spring dish, whether for brunch or dinner. As a bonus, it’s easy to make while the main dish is cooking on the stove.

How To Cook Asparagus

In these photos, I garnished my asparagus with lemon, mint, red pepper flakes and a touch of parmesan.

How To Roast Asparagus

You can keep your roasted asparagus as light as you like. I’ve included the basic recipe below, along with ideas for switching up the spices!

Pro tip: When you get home, put the delicious asparagus plant in a thick bottom glass or drinking glass and add a few inches of water. For a great burn, you can put a plastic bag over it.

Then store asparagus in your refrigerator like this. This way it stays fresh for several days longer!

Asparagus ends can be uncomfortably hard and tough. To remove these parts, bend the asparagus sharply near the base.

Easy Sautéed Asparagus Recipe

Asparagus breaks in the right place. I think this would be a fun dinner project for the kids.

Roasting asparagus is so easy and quick! Simply toss your prepared asparagus with a light drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of salt and pepper. I like to do this on a large rimmed baking sheet (joint link) lined with parchment paper for easy cleanup.

Bake until the asparagus can be easily pierced with a fork. This depends on the size of the asparagus. Pencil-thin asparagus, like the variety shown here, is ready in just 10 minutes. Thick asparagus takes between 15 and 20 minutes. All these details can be found in the recipe below.

Here are some flavor ideas to go with your roasted asparagus. Keep it simple and choose just one or two. Or, like me, go all out and use the first four ideas.

Sauteed Asparagus (fast & Easy!)

Please let me know how your roasted asparagus turned out in the comments! I look forward to seeing how you serve.

Learn how to prepare the perfect roasted asparagus here! This roasted asparagus recipe is a delicious springtime dish that will be loved by all. You can spice it up however you like. You can find my spice suggestions below. Recipe makes 2 large or 4 small bowls.

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Please let me know how it went for you! Leave a comment below and share the photo on Instagram using the hashtag #.

How To Cook Asparagus {stovetop & Oven Instructions}

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If ramps are the symbol of spring, asparagus is certainly its king. Among vegetables available in the supermarket year-round, very few show such a dramatic change in taste between year-round imported varieties and fresh spring varieties. Like peas and corn, asparagus contains a lot of sugar at harvest time. While waiting to be cooked, this sugar begins to form starch molecules quickly, clouding the once sweet and tart taste.

But the best thing about asparagus is how easy it is to prepare. It’s a great first vegetable for anyone who’s been too shy to cook vegetables (I know you’ve been there). There is little way to dispose of it completely without burning or canning it. And even if you manage to screw it up, it’s still a lot of fun.

Blistered Asparagus Frittata Recipe

Whether you choose green stems, soft white stems (which grow underground to prevent chlorophyll from developing), or one of the purple varieties, you should always look for the same thing: a strong, clear stem with strong, fully closed tips. As the asparagus ages, the upper petals slowly open, dry, or fall off. The asparagus should look moist but not soggy. It is freshly cut and light, not dry or hard.

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The best way to buy good asparagus is at a local farmers market or directly from the farm. The asparagus you find in most supermarkets has been out of the ground too long, even in high season, to really express its flavor. Unless the asparagus comes directly from the grower, the origin of the asparagus is always indicated either on the label or on a rubber band attached to the bundle. For me, your gardener, and your taste buds: If you live in North America, don’t buy a crop of Peruvian asparagus in mid-May – there’s definitely an extra local source with the best asparagus.

Asparagus come in all sizes, from small, pencil-wide stalks to thick, thick stalks as thick as your thumb, and believe it or not, size has nothing to do with their age (I don’t). Asparagus spears grow underground where many asparagus spears shoot. It takes about three seasons for this crown to start producing edible stems, and it will continue to produce stems for at least several decades after that. The age and diversity of this crown determines the thickness of the stem – meaning the grower cannot simply wait for a thin stem to become thick. It won’t happen.

Although both can be delicious, I usually choose one size over the other depending on how I want to cook them (or, more likely, I choose my cooking method based on the size of the asparagus I just pick up from the farmer) . ‘the market).

Roasted Asparagus Recipe

Depending on its age, the lower part of the asparagus spear can be unappealingly woody or stringy and often needs to be trimmed. But what is the best way to do this?

Conventional wisdom will tell you that the best “no-nonsense” method is to grab the stem at both ends and snap it. Asparagus breaks wonderfully where it needs to. This question is often discussed, and usually many people choose to shoot. But is it the best way or just an old wives tale?

After much research, I realized that this is all nonsense. Depending on how you apply force to the trunk, you can make it break at almost any point along its length, even if your hands are in the exact same position. Check that out:

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I cut off each of these stems with my hands, holding each in the same position, and was able to make them break wherever I wanted along their length – easy, I might add. For the method to appear foolproof, it must not depend too much on user input. How do I know that I will end my degree the way my wife did? Or even if I graduate the same way every day? A bigger problem than user-to-user variability is that you might accidentally pull out too many beautiful asparagus spears this way. The goal is to remove the woody bottom, nothing more, and chipping is not a reliable way to accomplish this.

How To Cook Asparagus [7 Methods & Chef’s Tips]

Some of the stems seem to be getting hard (when the stem starts to turn white). Then cut them all at once, pick out any outliers and trim them as needed, as appropriate.

Does that mean you can’t catch them? Of course not. There are many ways to prune a stem. Just know that you can’t

And that you will probably find the “sweet spot” no better than a knife.

If you want to make your asparagus even more extravagant, you can peel the spears to improve the texture. Even when cut well, the outer layers can have a fibrousness that clearly disturbs the palate of people who write Michelin guides, for example.

Best Pan Fried Asparagus: An Easy & Tasty Vegetable Side Dish

For me it’s a skinless or skin on hot dog thing. Sometimes I want that vital and thin, crisp snap that asparagus gives me, like biting into a good Sabrett’s. Sometimes I settle for tender, skinless franks. If you decide to peel them, don’t throw them away! The peels are still fragrant and can be used in a creamy asparagus soup or vegetable broth.

The best way to store asparagus is not to store it. As I said, its taste diminishes greatly with time,

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