How To Factory Reset Iphone

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How To Factory Reset Iphone – Whether you’re selling or trading in your iPhone, experiencing issues, or just want a fresh start, there are a number of reasons why you might need to erase it. Let’s see how to factory reset iPhone.

Note that when resetting your iPhone, you must be connected to Wi-Fi or a cellular network and know your Apple ID password (the one you use for iCloud) if you have Find My iPhone turned on.

How To Factory Reset Iphone

Be sure to back up your iPhone or store important information somewhere before resetting the device (iOS should offer a backup during the factory reset process if you don’t already have one). Also, don’t forget to unpair your Apple Watch if you have one.

How To Reset Iphone Or Ipad: Factory Reset And Erase An Iphone

We also have a step-by-step guide on how to use the Direct Transfer feature to transfer your data to a new iPhone:

You’re all set, all data on your iPhone has been erased, and you should see the iOS welcome screen, just like when you first bought your iPhone. At this point, you can give your device to someone else, restore your backup, or set up your iPhone as new.

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Michael is the editor. Since joining in 2016, he has written over 3,000 articles, including breaking news, reviews and comparisons, and in-depth tutorials. If you have serious software errors, such as network connectivity issues or app crashes, resetting your iPhone to factory settings can fix these errors and restore normal operation.

How To Reset Your Iphone Home Screen To Factory Default

It is also recommended that you reset your iPhone before selling it. If you bought a secondary iPhone that contains old data, you can reset your phone to set it up the way you want.

Resetting your iPhone will remove all apps, contacts, photos, preferences, and other data stored on your phone.

Resetting and restoring restores the phone to its factory settings. However, the process and results are different. Resetting is the easiest option – you can complete the reset directly on your phone without using any other technology. It also maintains your operating system and firmware. When you restore your iPhone, however, you lose everything, including the operating system and firmware. You will need to connect your iPhone to iTunes on your PC or Mac to complete the restore.

Follow the steps below to safely erase all data on your iPhone or iPad and restore your device to factory settings.

Owh To Factory Reset Iphone Before Upgrading To Iphone 14

Your iPhone will restart and start the reset process. You will see a blank screen with a progress bar and the Apple logo. This can be a lengthy process, sometimes taking several minutes.

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Start Fresh: How To Factory Reset An Iphone Or Android Device

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