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How To Reset Iphone – This guide will show you location, privacy, Home screen layout, mobile plan, keyboard, network and all settings on iPhone and iPad. But first, let’s talk about why you want to hard reset? Then how to set up your iOS or iPadOS device.

IPhone and iPad have seven update options (shown below), including Erase All Content and Settings. These adjustment buttons are not meant for everyday use, but only in case things go wrong. In our troubleshooting guides, we often mention that if something isn’t working properly, you can reset your iPhone.

How To Reset Iphone

After resetting a specific setting, iPhone loses the relevant settings and reverts to default settings, such as when you turn on a new iPhone (or after a complete wipe).

Start Fresh: How To Factory Reset An Iphone Or Android Device

To get results, you need to reset your iPhone when something goes wrong and other fixes don’t solve the problem.

All update settings are placed together under one option. Here’s how to proceed and reset in iOS 15:

This returns the location and privacy settings. After enabling this option, go to the Settings app > Privacy and make the necessary changes. The most important is accommodation services. If you don’t have it enabled, you can use Uber, food delivery, maps, weather, and more. you cannot use you cannot use programs like

Also, when you open apps after setting your location and privacy settings, they can access your photos, microphone, camera, etc. will enter. may display pop-ups to login. Let them know when they ask.

How To Factory/hard Reset Iphone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max

Not everyone is an expert in organizing their iPhone Home Screen. As a result, sometimes you can’t find apps and think they are hidden.

One solution to this problem is to reset your Home Screen app layout, which will change how your apps and widgets are laid out on your iPhone Home Screen.

After that, your original iPhone Home screen and Dock apps will return to their original layout. In other words, they’ll look like the day you bought a new iPhone. At the top of the second Home Screen page will be the Apple apps and folder. Below (starting with the Second Screen page), all of your downloaded apps will be listed in alphabetical order.

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Resetting the keyboard dictionary will remove all custom words you’ve typed and added to the iPhone dictionary. Apple says: “When you type, you add words to the keyboard dictionary, overriding the words that iPhone suggests.”

How To Reset Network Settings On Your Iphone

Note that as mentioned, it deletes special words that your keyboard has learned from your typing. It does not change keyboard settings, remove text replacement words or anything else.

If you use an eSIM on your iPhone, you’ll have the option to remove all cellular plans. If not, you don’t see it.

Click on Remove all mobile plans and continue with this option only if you want to remove eSIM. Cases where you want to remove ESIM:

It affects iPhone network settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular settings, VPN and more. But as mentioned, it will not delete personal data.

Ways To Factory Reset Iphone 7 [100% Working]

If updates fail or cellular data and Wi-Fi don’t work, devices can’t connect to your iPhone’s Bluetooth, and you’re having similar problems accessing the internet, resetting your network settings will help.

After the network settings reset is complete, open the iPhone Settings app to connect to a Wi-Fi network and pair your Bluetooth devices.

Finally, this is the mother of all upgrades we discussed above. After you’ve reset all settings, any settings you’ve changed or added to your iPhone will be reset to factory defaults.

It’s best if you do this less often. After resetting all the settings, you will have to manually open each app and then they will show you a pop-up to send you notifications. So, if you have any important apps, open all settings after reinstalling and check the pop-up alert they show.

How To Factory Reset Apple Iphone 14 [all Models] (guide)

Here’s how you can reset your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. As mentioned, this restarts, closes the app, updates iOS, etc. Make sure you run after the basic correction

Weekly Jailbreak News: DelayOTA ends with iOS 17.0, iOS 16 PPL loophole revealed and more… If you’re facing major software errors like network connectivity issues or app crashes, you can factory reset your iPhone. and restore normal function.

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It’s also wise to reset your iPhone before selling it. If you bought a second-hand iPhone with old data, you can restore the phone to your liking.

Resetting your iPhone will delete all apps, contacts, photos, preferences, and other data stored on your phone.

Reset All Iphone 13/14 To Factory Settings Forgot Passcode

Reset and reset your phone to factory settings. But the process and results are different. An easier option to delete is that you can reset directly on your phone without using any other technology. It also protects your operating system and software. However, when you restore your iPhone, you lose everything, including the operating system and software. To complete the restore, you need to connect your iPhone or iTunes to your PC or Mac.

Follow the steps below to safely erase all data on your iPhone or iPad and restore your device to factory settings.

Your iPhone will restart and start the reset process. You will see a blank screen with a progress bar and the Apple logo. This can be a long process, sometimes several minutes.

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How To Reset An Iphone

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Apple offers several ways to restore your iPhone to factory settings without deleting your photos, messages, notes, email, music, videos, and other content.

How To Reset Iphone

While the “Reset All Settings” option won’t delete your content, one thing it will do is Apple Pay cards. If you don’t want to reload your Apple Pay cards, choose one of the other options below.

All settings including network settings, keyboard dictionary, home screen layout, location settings, privacy settings, and Apple Pay cards are removed or reset to their defaults. No data or media is deleted.

Important: Do not erase All Content and Settings unless you want to erase your entire iPhone, including all your data.

Now you can choose whether you want to restore all iPhone settings to default or a specific one.

How To Factory Reset Your Iphone. In This Article, I Will Explain How To…

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Editor for Michael. Since joining in 2016, he has written over 3,000 articles, including news, reviews, in-depth comparisons and guides. Use these steps to transfer data to the new device and delete your personal data from the old device.

Before you can sell, give away or trade in your device, you must first transfer data to the new device and then remove personal data from the old device.

Ways To Reset An Iphone 13/x/xs/xr (soft Reset, Hard Reset, Factory Reset)

You can’t manually delete your contacts, calendars, reminders, documents, photos, or other iCloud data when you’re signed in to iCloud with your Apple ID. This will remove your content from here

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